Pink Cherry Nymphet Fashion

here again ~ partially b/c im vain and partially b/c i want to know if anyone on here would be interested if i started to post nymphet makeup tutorials regularly lmao

Yes you totally should! I’d love to see them! ❤️

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Baby Pink Michelle Glitter Skirt Or Hot Pink Romie Glitter Skirt 

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I want to wear this dress for the rest of my life

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Please excuse the wrinkles because….Oh my goodnesssss! My boyfriend bought me ANOTHER beautiful dress from Bonne Chance for my birthday! ^_^ I was so in love I just tore it straight from the bag… I couldn’t be bothered to iron before taking pictures ^_^ 

Will definitely get better pictures of it worn. LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE BOW BUTTONS. Dying!

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Extremely happy with today’s purchase. Can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear this top!

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A little 1950s themed something I made (I made it on Preview because I find Polyvore too confusing!) (B.T.W, the shorts look black but they’re navy)

For eyelashes click here

For shorts click here

For top click here

For shoes click here

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CROP TOP & a similar version.

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Dark nymphet/goth nymphet OOTD. 

I’m wearing the Record Time dress from Modcloth, black tights, and black velvet combat boots.

I kept it simple because I wore this to work (it’s probably too short for that though, lol), but I think it could look really cute (or creepy cute) with a bow or necklace/chocker. It also works really well with different  kinds of socks and tights, like a dark wine red color or maybe even bow tights.

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Sweater: Wildfox

Dress: Sretsis

Thigh highs: Icing

Thought I would do a little outfit thing. I don’t really talk much on here, but I like to post pictures of my clothes….

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